Drive technology

Our new construction has the most modern driven technology. The four main engines of the type 16V MTU 4000 M63L perform a capacity of 8,960 KW (4 x 2,240 KW), which is 12,182 hp. In combination with four Kamewa S71 Waterjets, this catamaran achieves the speed of 35 knots / 65 kph. 

MTU, as well as Kamewa, belong to the Rolls-Royce family.

We used different combinations of engines and Waterjets of various manufacturers to simulate with our catamaran. This in fact helped us to calculate its achieving speeds considering the different capacities of those engines. 



The engines - 16V 4000 MTU M63L

The MTU engines impress with their strong performance and their high level in efficiency and economy.

Capacity 4 x 2.240 KW or 3.046 PS
Cylinder 16

The Waterjets - Rolls Royce KaMeWa 71 S4

We use Kamewa Watejets of the latest generation to guarantee the maximum of capacity with the minimum weigth. 

Capacity 1.500-5.100 KW