Taufe unseres neuen "Halunder Jet" am 27. April 2018 in Hamburg

First impressions
of our new catamaran to Heligoland


We are looking forward to our new catamaran and proudly share the first 3D-animated pictures of it with you. With attention to detail, we, AUSTAL and „Spear Green Design“, our Australian design partner, passionately worked on giving this ship a personal touch.  

Have fun looking through our process!

Exterior Design: Dynamic and elegant at the same time

Our new catamaran is painted in the konwn Heligoland colours which are green, red and white. The design is similar to the „Halunder Jet“ – but still different. Due to its design, the new catamaran looks elegant but dynamic at the same time.

Interior Design: Fresh ambience on a high comfort level

For the ship’s design issues, we tasked “Spear Green Design” from Australia, who are well known for the development of creative and nice, but also functional designs in regards to the interior space of new ships.

Learn more about Spear Green Design

Construction progress: Stay up-to-date with our construction diary

We keep you updated with the progress of our ship’s construction. In the section Construction diary, there are recent pictures of the development of our new catamaran.

Find all pictures of our construction diary right here.