Pets aboard "Halunder Jet"

Generally, the transport of pets is possible. Please note the special terms and conditions for the transportation of pets, especially dogs, aboard our high speed catamaran "Halunder Jet".

If you want to take your pet on board, especially your dog, please notify FRS Helgoline in advance in the course of your reservation. Find the applicable fares here: fares

For security reasons we insist on dogs being muzzled and leashed. The final decision about the transportation of dogs is up to the ship command, who can refuse transportation. Muzzles can be borrowed aboard. We charge a deposit of 20,00 € which will be refunded when handing back the muzzle at the end of the trip.

Upon agreement the transportation of other pets in suitable transportation containers is possible.

Please note:

All year around you are not allowed to bring dogs or any other pets to the Dune.