Which payment methods do you offer when booking online?

You can pay by SEPA money transfer if you have a German bank account or by credit card (we accept MasterCard and VISA.

How can I pay at the ticket counters?

You can pay for your tickets at our ticket counters in Hamburg, Wedel, Cuxhave and Heligoland by

- credit card (MasterCard and VISA)

- EC bank card

- cash

How can I pay on board the "Halunder Jet"?

On the Halunder Jet we accept payment by

- credit card (MasterCard and VISA)

- EC bank card

- cash

How do I get my tickets?

You will receive the tickets as a PDF via e-mail as soon as your payment has been successfully processed. If you don't have an e-mail address or would prefer to receive your tickets by mail, we will charge an additional handling and packaging fee of 4.00 €.

Are there any fees for booking and processing?

For a normal booking at FRS Helgoline (online, by telephone or directly at one of our the ticket counters) there are no additional fees.

There are no additional costs for sending the tickets by e-mail as PDF tickets. Only if you insist on receiving your tickets by mail, we charge a packaging and handling fee of 4.00 €.

Can I rebook my trip?

Generally you can rebook your trip. Please apply to our call center for assistance at tel. +49 461 864 44 or to our staff at the ticket counters in Hamburg, Wedel, Cuxhaven or Heligoland.

Is there a fee for rebooking?

Yes, we charge a rebooking fee of 10.00 EUR.

Can I comletely cancel my trip?

Yes, you can cancel you tricket at any time.

  • The cancellation is free of charge until up to seven days before the booked trip.
  • If the ticket is cancelled up to three days before the trip, we will charge 50% of the fare as cancellation fee.
  • If the ticket is cancelled less than three days before the booked trip, the cancellation fee is 100% of the fare.

In all cases the passenger has the right to prove that the shipping company has suffered less financial damage by the cancellation.

How can I cancel my ticket?

You can cancel your ticket via our call center, telephone +49 461 864-44, via e-mail to info[at]helgoline.de and directly at our ticket counters.

What happens when a trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions?

The safety of our passengers ist always our highest priority. 

Should the shipping company decide to cancel the trip of the "Halunder Jet" due to bad weather conditions, we will notify you as quickly as possible by text message to your mobile phone, voice message to your landline telephone, e-mail or telefax.

Furthermore, you will find this information on the message board of your lodging as well as on the information screen at the elevator on Heligoland.

You can call up schedule changes via the telephone number 0180 5221445 from the German landline network or a German mobile network. (Recorded message, 0.14 € / Min. within the German landline network, max. 0.42 € / Min. from a German mobile network.)

If your trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions by the shipping company, you can rebook your trip to another date free of charge. Should you choose to completely cancel your trip we will reimburse the fare.

How long before the scheduled departure do I have to be at the port?

As day trip passenger, we ask you to be at the gangway at least 15 Minutes before the scheduled departure.

In case you want to hand over your luggage please mind the timetable for the registration of luggage.

Can I take my pet with me?

Generally, pets can be taken on board. Please mind the fares and conditions for the transport of pets.

Are there travel vouchers for sale?

You can order travel vouchers by phone +49 461 864 44 and by e-mail info[at]helgoline.de. These vouchers can then be used to pay for trips to and from Heligoland and/or Cuxhaven.

Does FRS Helgoline also ship freight and goods to and from Heligoland?

FRS Helgoline offers to ship freight and goods on the HSC "Halunder Jet" on the journey from Hamburg via Cuxhaven to Heligoland and back. Details and prices can be obtained from your contact person Christian Schmidt, Tel. +49 (0) 4721 – 394873, e-mail: christian.schmidt[at]frs.de